The Complete Guide For Buying A Mattress

How do you know if you need a new mattress? Some factors which may trigger your decision to buy a new one include:
Worn out, sagging and soiled texture of the mattress,
Prolonged use for more than the estimated lifespan of 10 years,
Making a wrong choice the first time, in the influence of the salesperson,
Ignoring the self-comfort and firmness levels,
Selecting too firm or too soft.
Health complaints like back pain, tired mornings, sleeplessness and allergies caused due to dust mites, bacterial infection etc.
With increasing inclination of nature-based healthy living and adaptation of therapy like ortho and acupuncture, companies have come out with innovative designs and textures. You can go through various mattress reviews available online before making the final decision. In fact, as per a recent report in, the percentage of people taking the support of sleeping pills or over the counter sleeping aids have dramatically decreased with the introduction of new-age bedding systems.
Let us now understand various options available in the market and their pros and cons.
• Open spring mattress: Also called the continuous spring mattress, they have a single long piece of metal coiled into numerous springs. The gauge of the metal coil varies from thick (12) to thin (18) and has wires and rods to provide structure to the bed. These are lightweight and cheaper options which offer comparatively lesser support but are suitable for the kids’ room or a guest room where it is occasionally used.
• Pocket spring mattress: There springs are sown into the individual fabric pockets. Since all springs move independently, they provide better support than open spring. With different variants of soft, medium and firm types, they use more breathable upper layer, which makes it comfortable and durable.
• Memory foam mattress: The advantage of this mattress are they mold according to your body shape, absorbs the weight, hold the body heat and relieves the stress in the pressure areas. A limitation which may make it not a suitable choice for some is these are temperature sensitive and can make you feel extremely hot sometimes. Also, due to the materials used in it, some people complain of a chemical-like smell.
• Latex mattress: Latex foam is made from natural living heavy Brasiliense tree. This is a breathable material and is anti-allergenic and antimicrobial, and provides a firm and bouncy support to the body. These are expensive but very durable. Latex mattress toppers are great for relieving back pains.
• Air Mattress: Filled with air, one can regulate the level of air pressure in these mattresses by using a remote. Also, it has separate fabric chambers built in, hence it is possible to have different air pressure in separate chambers as per the comfort of the person you are sharing the bed with. A notable disadvantage of these mattresses is that it pops up on one side if you sit on the other side. If the air pressure is not set accurately, you may end up with a backache in the morning.
Mattresses generally come with mattress toppers which provide extra layer of cushioning, making it more comfortable and cozy. They come in different textures like goose feather, cotton, polyester, wool. Based on the season and whether you can change them.
It is advisable to test the mattress properly while visiting the store by sitting and lying down on it so that you choose the right one. It is important because mattresses involve heavy investment and also your health and comfort is a priority.